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Dodo Pizza formulas

About: in 2013 I designed, tested and updated recipe formulas for pizzas and other products by Dodo Pizza. Formulas are placed on the walls of every single pizzeria for the pizza makers.

My role: information designer.

Recipes of pizzas and other products are placed on the walls in front of the pizza makers. In the process of redesigning these recipes we created simplified and unified formulas that could be read and remembered quickly by the workers.

Instructions are designed to help read the formulas

Every recipe consists of the ingredients so they were divided by types (black and white background) and grouped by quantities.

Every recipe can be represented as a formula

Some of the ingredients were treated as exceptions (red background) or were specially made look different because of their special role (orange background blocks for cheese).

These are Quantities Schemes. The actual width after printing is more than 1.5 meters (>5 ft)

I worked on designing and updating formulas to be used in dozens of pizzerias in Russia and Romania.

Behind the scenes

I was designing the formulas together with the Dodo Pizza managers who unified the recipes to make them easier to remember and control the quality of products.

Recipes before the redesign

I worked on the visual style and information design so a lot of testing on real people was required to make formulas understandable.

Different iterations of Instruction design

Different sources of feedback and changes in requirements lead to making dozens of iterations.

Some of the iterations of Quantities Schemes design

Every iteration was tested on the real people by using simple prototypes and displaying the formulas on the screen of my laptop.

Paper and coins were used to simulate ingredients

Formulas in real life



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