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Dodo Pizza site and app

About: during my two year partnership with Dodo Pizza (2012—2014) I worked on designing and developing online ordering system for clients including the site and the iOS app.

My role: web designer, interface designer, developer and project manager

The first version of the site with online ordering system was launched two years after the business was started. Previous two versions were only static versions of the pizzeria's menu.

I worked on Russian and Romanian versions of the site so here I'm showing screenshots in Romanian.

Home page displays full online menu

Online ordering system is directly connected to the proprietary information system. So the ordering process for online clients had to be designed from scratch.

From the visual style and to the user experience research the site was designed, coded (HTML, CSS, jQuery) and managed by me during a long period of time. As a member of IT-team of Dodo Pizza I was responsible for designing and managing online ordering processes.


The site also has a unique feature. Webcams are streaming online with order tracker and names of pizza makers are displayed with their photos.

iOS mobile app

In 2014 we launched the app.

Information system lacked an API for the app so I worked on documenting and directing the process of API development.

I was the one who created wireframes and specifications for developers and lead the project from working with the freelance designer to uploading the files to AppStore.

Choose a pizza in one touch

Behind the scenes

Designing the site took a few iterations in 2012-2013.

Some ideas for the tracking.

And icons that never were used.

Documenting and wireframing the app took a lot of effort.



Renat Rafikov is a web and mobile designer from Russia. Since 2006 he has been coding, drawing and designing interfaces for different clients from around the world. He is constantly improving his skills and using his knowledge to help new ideas and businesses work and grow.

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