Front end designer. Designing interfaces for web and mobile, creating graphics and coding for the web since 2006

Keepvision eye care platform

About: Keepvision was a startup building a mobile app for parents and doctors to help children to take care of their eyes when using mobile devices. Mobile app would make children test their eyesight and analyse data or let parents and doctors see the information about how a child’s vision changed over time.

My role: UI/UX designer

One of the elements of the eye care platform is doctor’s interface. Using this interface doctor can see data and analyse information to find changes in patient's vision.


Renat Rafikov is a web and mobile designer from Russia. Since 2006 he has been coding, drawing and designing interfaces for different clients from around the world. He is constantly improving his skills and using his knowledge to help new ideas and businesses work and grow.

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How it works

First time clients will be offered to begin with a small payed project, for example finding a design language for one page. It might take 2-4 hours and client pays fixed hourly rate.

Every big project is divided into smaller milestones. Client gets his deliverables and pays according to the timesheet for hours spent on the project after each milestone.

Send an email with a short description of your project. You’ll get a quick response and we’ll be able to start working after agreeing on the details and terms.