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Simpliste HTML template

About: project is an open source HTML template and was built using Github in 2012. Simpliste uses only one HTML structure for a set of skins.

My role: author, developer and designer.

Simpliste was designed as an alternative for huge HTML/CSS frameworks and commercial design templates. The idea of creating a simple responsive HTML5 template came out of my own need for one.

Almost everything about the project is on its landing page

Template can be used by anybody with the minimal knowledge of HTML. It doesn't require any backend configuration and comes with a set of skins and essential code snippets.

HTML template contains basic elements (columns, form, table, messages and buttons) and can work with any of its skins by changing only one line of code. Skins don't contain any image files and fully responsive.

Every design can be tested in browser on the demo page. Which is a Simpliste site with switchable skin mechanics.

Some of the skins

For every skin was created an iconographic representation of its layout and colors. Every icon had to be designed manually.

Some of 23 skins were designed by volunteers

And project has a specially designed logo.

Thousands of users visit project's web pages every month and I still continue to receive grateful emails from all over the world.

Behind the scenes

This was my first successful attempt to initiate and manage an open source project. Template attracted some attention on developers' sites and many people downloaded, used and even participated in developing it.

For designers and coders was designed a guideline page (in Russian) and downloadable PSD-file with skin template.

And I wrote some articles inspired by the idea of developing a simple WYSIWYG CMS.



Renat Rafikov is a web and mobile designer from Russia. Since 2006 he has been coding, drawing and designing interfaces for different clients from around the world. He is constantly improving his skills and using his knowledge to help new ideas and businesses work and grow.

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